Jason Diakité’s speach to the Swedish parliament


Translated from Jason Diakité (Timbuktu): Tal i riksdagen under Fem i tolv-rörelsens manifestation.

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet had the chance to see the recorded speach. I’ve just translated this transcribed version. Also, I have asked but have not yet been granted permission from the author.

In turn transcribed from Tårfyllda talet på prisutdelningen.

I brought with me something today that I normally only carry with me when I leave Sweden. And I haven’t [left Sweden] now - in fact, I came here in a very short taxi ride. I brought this [shows a passport], which I usually only carry with me, like I said, when I leave Sweden, to remind all the places I get to, where I come from.

This [item] means alot to me, this collection of papers. Not everyone who lives in Sweden has one.

I took it with me today anyway, to say that this is my proof that I am no stranger. So the animosity towards me because of my skin color can never really be xenophobia. It is and remains racism. And you do not need to be tolerant of me. I’m not asking to be tolerated, and your mercy is not something I require. However, I require, with all the strength I can muster, to be judged by my actions and by my personality.

And I demand that the doctrine which holds a person higher than another because of their skin color, religion, sex or sexual orientation, is immediately and forever, discredited, erased and abandoned. I demand to be able to feel safe in Sweden. I demand to have access to the work that my qualifications entitle me to, to have access to any residence as enabled by my income. I demand to be able to worship the god I want and to love any person I want. I demand the freedom to speak my mind, even by those who disagree with my opinions. And I demand to be seen as a part of this community.

But in exchange, I will give you my life, Sweden. For you, I and my children always help you build. I give you my ingenuity. I give you my creativity and my energy. I will love in Sweden, I will live in Sweden, and I will die in Sweden .

Thank you.